- Cyprus Relocation Assistance


Kalosorisate stin Kypro - Welcome to Cyprus!

Moving to Limassol? Or sending a key member of your personnel over here? Or maybe you have recently arrived, and need assistance getting settled?
A new life in a foreign country can be very rewarding, but the process of relocating will be challenging at first. Organising the move, finding the right accommodation and settling in without professional guidance can be difficult, especially if one does not speak the country’s language.

acklimatise was created for the purpose of providing support, both practical and moral, to those individuals and/or families who relocate to Cyprus, be it for professional or personal reasons. Advice and hands-on assistance is offered in the form of pre-moving orientation, housing research, general settling-in services, administrative formalities, family support and ongoing follow-through services. Services relate to the well-being of the expatriate, ensuring a stress-free relocation experience.

Relocation is a very important and expensive investment to make, for companies who send their managers to Cyprus, for professionals wishing to set up business on the island as well as for Pensioners who are looking to retire here.

Reducing the time needed to acclimatise and become fully settled in their new life are major factors of success for the relocation of the expatriate.