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FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Why should I use acklimatise?

While a number of websites on the internet offer information on moving to and living in Cyprus, the quality of this information varies significantly, is frequently even out of date and not always 100% reliable. acklimatise not only offers individually tailored answers, relocation solutions and advice, but most importantly, it offers ongoing live assistance since you might not have a network of friends and colleagues to fall back on for support once you move here.

What is acklimatise’s value for money?

With time becoming the most expensive luxury in today’s world, the concept of freeing up your time so that you can concentrate on your family and/or new job, being your point of contact and helping you orientate in your new surrounding is priceless.

Will acklimatise assist me with my relocation to Paphos or Nicosia?

At this stage, acklimatise is focusing its efforts on Limassol, but is looking forward to covering other Cyprus cities in the future.

How long in advance must I book the services of acklimatise?

The sooner, the better – not only to guarantee acklimatise’s availability but more importantly to allow for full preparation of your and your family’s relocation so that the transition to your new home becomes as smooth as possible. Best results are achieved when services are booked prior to your move while you are still in your country of origin.

What are the payment terms for acklimatise’s services?

A 50% deposit is required when booking (this can be done via bank transfer, cheque or cash), with the remainder to be settled upon completion of the services.